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درس آموخته های فرایند اخذ گواهینامه PMP- شماره 15

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آقای مهندس عبدالمحمدی نیز که در کلاس ها و فرایند اخذ گواهینامه مدیریت  پروژه حرفه ای آریانا شرکت نموده بودند زحمت کشیدند و پس از قبولی در آزمون درس آموخته ها و تجربیات خود را در زمینه حضور در آزمون برایمان فرستادند  ضمن تشکر فراوان از ایشان نکات جالبی در نوشته ایشان وجود دارد که در یادداشتهای های سایر عزیزان کمتر دیده ایم

Dear Mr Farahani

I'm pleased to announce that I PASSED the PMP exam  !!!! :) Many thanks for your efforts in Aryana
I wanted to take this time to share my experiences and lessons learned as I used your useful  previous sent lessons learned a lot  So let me be a little friendly with other PMP candidates one by one

Do not underestimate your time on the test!! That was by far the biggest problem I had on the test. After my first pass through the exam I had only 8 minutes to review my marked questions. I had about  30 marked questions to review

Because time is an issue, I didn't have time to go through proper steps for the network diagram questions. When I saw those big questions I just marked a best guess and marked it for review. Don't linger on those questions. Just make a guess and go back to it  Remember the clock is ticking like a time bomb

Do NOT drink anything before taking the exam!! I had to go to the bathroom 1/2 way through it and when you leave the testing area and come back you have to be frisked again
Lost about 4-5 mins

I brought in ear plugs because I didn't want to worry about someone else next to me taking a typing test. It helped. Ask for a hand held calculator instead of using the one on the computer. It will save you  a lot of time

Expect to be nervous!! I was extremely nervous and was shaking when I did my brain dumb. During my brain dumb I took very deep breaths to reduce my anxiety which seemed to help. Get up and stretch after 75 or  100 questions

Utilize Rita's book!!!!! Was my primary tool to prepare. Read it from cover to cover and went over it again after that at more of a high level

The three aryana exam tests are good but not enough. TAKE full length practice exams !! I used (a bit easier questions and free) and . I didn't like that it didn't
office a really good explanation on the questions I missed but the questions were a little on the harder side. I also did Rita's questions in the back of each chapter and found those were the best
If you can afford it I do suggest and recommend using Rita's test bank that you received from Aryana

If I were to gage on the difficulty of the actual exam compared to the practice test banks. I'd say its between pmperfect and Rita. If you can score 80% or better on Rita's full length exam you should be  good to go

I took 3 Aryana full length exams. On my last one I scored 79.5% Besides these three exams I probably have answered over 1200 questions from various sources

Focus on your knowledge gaps and weak points that Aryana reports at the end of each exam. Mine was quality and risk

I had lots of EV questions. Know how to calculate EV. Know how to find what the EV is if they give you information about a percentage of work that has been completed

My experience was that the situational questions weren't as long as  I thought they would be. Maybe one paragraph. (again my experience )3

Know where you're at in the story in the question. Some answers seem to be like the right thing to do but would be the wrong answer because of where I was at the point in the story

-I wasn't asked to calculate any procurement contracts (CPIF, CPAF,etc.) but know the types of contracts and when to use the right one from the situation

Network diagrams were hard just because of the time. If I had the time to work the diagram and do the forward/backward pass I would have been fine. The clock is ticking so keep track of your time

I had a lot of questions on risk so know the risk strategies  Remember the risk process needs to be done it order (Plan risk, id risks, qual, quan, risk respone, M/C risks)  I hope this helps ! Good luck to everyone preparing for the exam

Asghar Abdolmohammadi , PMP
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