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شنبه, 15 تیر 1392 ساعت 09:57

درس آموخته های فرایند اخذ گواهینامه PMP- شماره 18‎

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Dear Mr. Farahani

First of all, let me appreciate you, Aryana team & also Mr. Zamani & Mr. Farhad Pour ,For your efforts and kind supports in the way that I had to pass the PMP exam and beginning the new way which needs more interactions

Same as the previous friends whom were successful to gain one of the PMI`s credential, I would like to write my experience and lessons learned ,hope to be useful for the others

The idea to gain PMP credential begins from 3 years ago for me, but never had a comprehensive plan
I attend in PMBOK course in Aryana in last year & also PMP exam preparation course in last Esfand
Due to announced dead line for new version of exam according to PMBOK 5th edition from end of Julay, I decided to study hardly for next 3 month and do the exam which means I will have 1 month buffer if I failed for another attempt
My first strategy was

Aryana Tests
PM Fast Track tests

But due to my limited time ,I changed it to

Aryana Tests
PMBOK short review
Rita short review
PM Fast Track tests
Preparing notes
Review in last 2 weeks

I was successful to do it according to time schedule and didn`t use many resources

I did around 2000 tests
Due to my busy working time ,I had only 2 or 3 hours per day to study but my wife encouragement was really effective for me & I appreciate her
It is really important to understand the concept of each knowledge area & all the processes & have a good sense to link them together & feel the related flow chart & also compare them in actual working environment.
I was so nervous before traveling to Istanbul because of these days protests & I was suggested to avoid the risk & go to Dubai or Abu Dhabi but there was no empty seat in Prometric, So I went to Istanbul like a man!
I checked the way, location & situation of the exam center one day before the exam & went there 1 hour before start time
Drink & eat normally to be relax and no need to leave the room and waste your time!
Only passport is needed there, they will check your body with some equipment (even your pockets) & you are allowed to bring 2 papers & 1 pen with yourself(which they give) & one locker to you . it is forbidden to open the locker during the exam time but you can put your food, drink &… on a shelf in their office ,which you can go there, do & return.
You will be under control with camera & walkthroughs
At the beginning you will see a tutorial which I only used the time to write some formulas & start the exam rapidly
As you know ,there are other peoples for other fields & they might use keyboard and make noises. There is some ear plugs ,you can use
Around 80% of tests were around 3 to 4 lines
Many questions from cost , procurement & time
Many situational questions were in Exam
I calibrated my progress with my watch and check it every 30 minutes
I only had 2 minutes at the end which used to solve 2 tests that I didn`t solve them
No time to review the Marked questions
After the exam there is one PMI surveying & you will see the result & you will receive the print of it with test center stamp from the agent

Best Regards
M.Behdarvand ,PMP®
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