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دوشنبه, 24 تیر 1392 ساعت 10:25

درس آموخته های فرایند اخذ گواهینامه PMP- شماره 21‎

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Dear Dr. Farahani
First of all,it's necessary I appreciate your efforts and supports PMP Exam,in particular Mr. Zamani for his helpful and comprehensive explanations in Aryana Basic and Advanced PMP preparation classes,and Mr. Farhadpoor,also all of the Aryana staff. I'm pleased to inform, I PASSED the PMP Exam. I would like to share my experiences and lessons learned about studying and exam

The best resources for preparation are PMBOK, Rita,and participation in Aryana Basic and Advanced PMP preparation classes
Practicing PM FAST Track software(Rita),pmstudy sample questions, and Head first have strongly recommended
Learn PMBOK processes, so that you are going to manage a realproject rather than take exam
Over 80 percent of questions were situational
There were almost 40 questions with more than 6 lines, also over 90
percent of questions were 3-4 lines.
The EVM questions needed less calculation, even you could solve
those without using calculator,but very conceptual.
The risk questions were very tricky.
There were not questions directly about INPUTS & OUTPUTS
You should answer the situational questions exactly base on PMBOK
concept rather than personal experience.

Best Regards,
Manoochehr Aghakhanloutakanlou(KHANLOO),PMP
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