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دوشنبه, 31 تیر 1392 ساعت 11:38

درس آموخته های فرایند اخذ گواهینامه PMP- شماره 22‎

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مهندس سعید اردهالی زاده از گزوه اویک جزو اولین امتحان دهندگان موفق گروه منتخب این شرکت برای امتحان در  هفته پیش بودند که تجربیات مفید خود را در کسب ابن موفقیت به شرح زیر دراختیارمان قرار داده اند

Dear Mr. Farahani
It is necessary to appreciate you and your team for good coordination of the PMP exam preparation process in OIEC group

Here is my experiences
Actually, I only read Rita and the Aryana course power point prepared by Aryana and nothing else even the PMBOK standard book
I practiced the Rita' test and PM study tests
The last 2 days before the exam I also could  review some sample tests in the PMI site
Don't be worry for the real exam. Because I think that the PM study is 80% difficulty and Rita is 70% difficulty but the real exam maybe 60%
Stress controlling is high risk in this exam. If you cannot control your stress, definitely you will fail the exam
No ethic questions in my exam
The English level of the exam is reasonable for us as a foreigner. I think the English vocabulary that used in the exam was good enough for understanding
About 30 questions was about SPI and CPI
About 10 questions was about PDM and critical path, Conflict Mgt and direct input & output
Human theories maybe 2 question
Situational question about 20 questions (procurement management)
I hope above lessons learned are useful for you. I enforce again about Item No. 5 of my lesson learns
Truly yours
Saeid Ardehalizadeh PMP

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