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تجربه کسب گواهینامه PMP مهندس انارکی از شرکت ملی نفت ایران

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تجربه کسب گواهینامه PMP مهندس انارکی از شرکت ملی نفت ایران

آقای مهندس انارکی که از متخصصان باسابقه شرکت نفت  که  موفق به اخذ گواهینامه مدیریت پروژه حرفه ای از موسسه PMI آمریکا شده اند زحمت کشیده اند و درس آموخته های خود در فرایند اخذ گواهینامه  را به شرح زیر برایمان ارسال نموده اند:

Dear Dr Farahani ,
In response to your email I am going to write my lessons learned regarding passing the PMP Exam on my first try to be used by other candidates who are interested to obtain PMP .
At the beginning of March I took the PMP exam, and thankfully passed. I spent about two and a half months studying for the exam to make sure I was overly prepared, and it really paid off!  It had been a very long time since I studied for an exam, but below are my lessons learned from this experience...

1) Give yourself plenty of time to prepare.
After participating the Basic seven day’s  PMBOK course  in Aryana I decide to self-study the materials and not participate the advanced PMP preparation course.  At first I thought I would only need about a month to read through everything and study, but the more I learned the more I realized I didn't know completely.  I would learn about a new topic on a broad level, and then would take time to study that topic in more detail from materials outside the PMBOK. I found this to be what took up the majority of my time, but it's also what made me feel overly prepared for the exam. I knew a lot more about everything than I really needed to know, but I'm okay with that!

2) Don't schedule your exam until you are ready.
My first mistake was thinking that I only needed a month, so I scheduled my exam early. I was able to easily reschedule it  through Aryana, but if you can avoid that headache, then I suggest you wait to schedule it until you're about one month into seriously studying.

3) Take a lot of practice exams.
 And then take another ten sample tests after that. Don't just rely on the end of chapter quizzes found in study materials. Do three  full 200 practice tests in Aryana and take as many of them as you can!  Also I purchased an online study course that also provided many exams, which I found helpful. You'll find that you'll come across new topics in practice exams, and that's okay - just come back to those and study those areas after the tests.

4) Allow yourself time to remember how to study.
It had been nearly ten years since I had to take a school-like exam, so it took a moment to get into the groove of studying. Remember flash cards? Yeah I created some! There are also lots of great online study tools, such as e-flashcards, creating your own quizzes, online outline notes, etc. If you're tech savvy, then I highly suggest those kinds of tools too! I also found it helpful to create a study schedule to make sure I made time each day, and I did it in a quiet room or the library.

5) Memorize the formulas.
 There are a lot formulas, but the most important ones are for Earned Value. Also know the formulas for the types of depreciation, net present value, determining float, risk weighting, decision trees, PERT and standard deviation, CPM, communication channels, ROM and estimate percentages. And it doesn't hurt to know how to crash costs, calculate contract costs, PTA, quality standard deviation, duration and work, BCR, IRR, WPI, ROI, payback, future value and present value.

6) Know a little about a lot.
You need to know the 10 knowledge areas, 5 process groups, many of the inputs, outputs & tools for each - and how they all map together. You must understand CPM, PERT, earned value formulas, risk types, contract types, conflict resolutions, EMV - that's a good start! If you understand how everything fits together, then you'll be in great shape.

7) Create a brain dump.
 I wrote up one sheet of paper with everything that I really wanted to try to memorize, and I re-wrote it a bunch of times to help drill it into my brain. It included the formulas, some definitions, names of theorists, process steps, etc. When you get to the exam, you have about 15 minutes before your test starts, and here is where you can empty your brain dump on the scrap paper to refer to later.

8) Sign up for a prep course.
 There are great boot camp courses and some pretty good online ones in Aryana too.  Especially the advanced PMP preparation course will allow you to ask lots of questions and make sure you have the correct answers. First of all I wanted to bypass this course but during my self-study I found that it is necessary as well. Also there, you may find study-buddies to pair up with.
Mehdi  Anaraki

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